Chhota Internet at Schools

CHHOTA INTERNET empowers students- stimulates imagination, encourages independent thinking and ensures implementation of interactive learning. It can be used for-

1. Self-learning Mode – Student uses Chhota Internet to educate himself for a subject.
2. Moderator led Mode – Video lectures and presentations are used to teach the class with minimum intervention from the teacher.
3. Teacher led Mode – The teacher decides the lesson and the mode of teaching for the class. The class has maximum intervention from teacher.

How is Chhota Internet Impacting School Education.

  • Connects education to Digital India Mission
  • Overcomes connectivity barriers by enabling local delivery of digital technology, without depending on Internet connectivity
  • Challenges traditional learning methodologies and introduces flexibility in classroom learning. Students can learn at their individual pace
  • Facilitates playful learning. Textbook and classroom education accompanied by multimedia learning, reinforces comprehension and retention
  • Allows education authorities to deliver accountable education by streaming content that aids and abates classroom learning
  • Records attendance data of the class from the biometric device and provide reports and analysis automatically.
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