Rural Education

Chhota Internet in Rural Education

Chhota Internet is an ICT based platform to aggregate agriculture communities. It provides service support to producer communities and agriculture businesses (agriculture buyers, sellers, service providers and government institutions) via an ICT based platform that creates efficiency in the agriculture value chain.

Small land holding, increasing communication gap and lack of relevant market information leads to poor price realization for small and marginal farmers. It aims at breaking the boundaries of geography, information and access to technology for all participants in the agriculture ecosystem.

How Chhota Internet Benefits Farmers

  • Provides data, insights and intelligence to farmers and farmer groups on commodities, Mandi prices and news (local and national) to enterprise stakeholders; empowering them to effectively plan, manage and expand their business in an informed way
  • Updated information of farmer customers
  • Profile details and segmentation of farmer groups helping in lead generation for loans
  • Platform to showcase agriculture products
  • Advice producers on best market for lending their commodities
  • Risk estimation in agriculture and livestock
  • Regional language support
  • Updated information of new technological advancements and composts and fertilisers to be used for higher quality crop growth.
  • Updated information about government loans and new policies for the farmers in regional language
  • It supports farmers to economically plan the resources and minimize the operational cost in order to maximise the profit
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6, Community Center, East of Kailash, | New Delhi 110065, India

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Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 6:30pm