About Chhota Internet

Chhota lnternet is an innovative solution designed to augment and strengthen rural education delivery systems in India. A break-through concept, Chhota lnternet provides a unique opportunity for rural education to participate in the Digital India revolution, without banking on Internet connectivity. While schools and students in urban India have started harvesting the benefits of multimedia educational tools, students in rural areas have been left behind, depending only on traditional learning.

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  • Information Dissemination Device: The platform enables - Self-learning, Teacher-led, and Blended learning.
  • Delivers Personalized e-content: E-Books, videos, pictures and graphic content and much more.
  • Streaming Solution: Facilitates streaming content over all kinds of WiFi devices.
  • Analytics: Provides granular, drill-down analytics for decision making.
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CHHOTA INTERNET empowers students- stimulates imagination, encourages independent thinking and ensures implementation of interactive learning.

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Rural Education

Chhota Internet is an ICT based platform to aggregate agriculture communities. It provides service support to producer communities and agriculture businesses.
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CSR ensures the success of a business by the inclusion of social and environmental considerations into a company’s operations as a positive contribution to society
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Address : Chhota Internet,

6, Community Center, East of Kailash, | New Delhi 110065, India

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Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 6:30pm