Corporate Social Responsibility and Education

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ensures the success of a business by the inclusion of social and environmental considerations into a company’s operations as a positive contribution to society. For many businesses, education is an important part of their plans, since the needs exist in all geographic areas, across all subject areas, and for all kinds of people.

In FY16, education received the highest amount of CSR funding among all social development activities allowed under CSR Rules. Education receives maximum attention because it is visible and lends itself to easy interventions by firms.

How can Chhota Internet Help in CSR Programs in Education?

  • Technology innovation can make it easy to distribute education contents to remote population, empowering them with knowledge that might change their life.
  • Teachers can be trained in computers who can further educate students across the country to bridge the digital divide and supplement the overall development objectives.
  • CSR can also be used to address the looming skill gaps in the country with nearly 90 million persons joining the workforce, but most of them lacking the requisite skills and the mindset for productive employment, or for generating incomes through self employment
  • Companies can make skill development a priority and train students in vocational schools to help them emerge as employable citizens and contribute towards community development.
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